Vallila Code of Conduct

All Vallila employees are guided by our shared operating principles based on the Vallila Code of Conduct guidelines. We require that our partners also follow and honour these same principles. Our principles are the same everywhere in the world where we do business, and they apply equally to all our employees and partners.

1. Legislation

    As a partner of Vallila, we comply with the law in all our operations. We do not condone any breach of laws or encourage any illegal actions under any circumstances.

    We honour and comply with laws concerning the status of employees, such as legislation concerning equality, privacy and human rights. We comply with laws concerning safety, environment, marketing and product safety. We do not condone corruption or direct anyone to act against the law.

    We shall follow and consider changes in legislation and develop our business operations in ways required by new laws and regulations. We shall consider for example changes in the regulations related to manufacturing processes, material safety,  packaging labels or processing of personal data.

    2. Human rights

    At Vallila, we cherish equality and sincere respect for one another. The know-how and innovativeness of our personnel are our most important goals of our personnel goals. As a partner of Vallila, we are committed to honouring all international human rights in all our operations and to promoting their realisation within our work community.

    As a partner of Vallila, we shall comply with labour laws and treat our employees equally. We shall respect individual’s privacy and freedom of religion. We do not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, violence, threats, or insults. We respect the freedom of association and employees’ right to organise professionally. We shall ensure the safety of working conditions.

    We do not tolerate any human rights abuses in our supply chains, such as the use of child labour or forced labour. Our employees are appropriately compensated for their work, and their employment contracts abide by legal maximum working hours. Collective employment contracts, minimum salary regulations or any other comprehensive regulations are applied to the hiring of our employees.

    3. Health and safety

    At Vallila, we ensure that the environment is healthy and safe for work. Our management and superiors take responsibility for promoting welfare in the company and intervening in problem situations in risk cases that endanger health, welfare, and occupational safety. Our occupational health and safety culture is based on constant development.

    As a partner of Vallila, we are committed to promote occupational health and safety and welfare. We committed to create caring and responsible atmosphere for employee safety-related matters. We take responsibility for the development of safety and welfare at work for ourselves and our personnel.

    4. The environment

    We are all responsible for our shared Planet Earth together with our personnel and customers. We expect that our partners reduce emissions through energy efficient solutions and by adopting renewable and low-carbon energy sources in our production and operations. As a partner of Vallila, we are committed to minimizing negative effects on the environment and consumption. We are constantly developing new ways to reduce our consumption.

    5. The Vallila brand

    Vallila is a Finnish brand that has been built since 1935. The Vallila brand is guided by the values of our family business. At Vallila, we cherish our brand responsibly to make it last from one generation to the next. We require that our partners under no circumstances act in a way that might endanger Vallila’s brand and reputation.

    As a partner of Vallila, we are committed to protecting rights related to confidentiality and validity in our communications and social media. We understand that the rights to use intellectual property rights that are part of the Vallila brand, such as the VALLILA trademark, designs, and other logomust always be confirmed by the right holder. 

    6. Confidentiality

    As a partner of Vallila, we maintain the secrecy of confidential information we have received during our cooperation with Vallila. We shall disclose any information to unauthorised parties or persons. We shall take into account that information related to products, handling of money, or information security and data protection must be processed confidentially and not be handed over to third parties. We shall ensure that no unauthorised person will be able to access confidential material from our devices.

    Confidential materials include non-disclosure of unpublished services, products, designs and patterns or the source materials of products and their intellectual property rights. We shall not hand over to third parties the preview or source materials of printed products.

    7. Personal data

    We comply with EU-level General Data Protection Regulation (DPR) and Finnish data protection legislation and guidelines regarding personal data in our data communications systems, both for the collection and processing of personal data. As a partner of Vallila, we maintain customer confidentiality by processing personal data in ways regulated by GDPR or any other legislation or directive. We shall ensure that the data in the personal data registers we process is valid, relevant for the purpose of use, and appropriately protected. Persons who have access to personal data may not communicate this personal data to others without legal grounds. We shall allow individuals to exercise their legal rights, such as the right to access their own personal data.

    8. Competition legislation

    We comply strictly with competition legislation in our operation. Our business is based on open competition and respects the business secrets and confidential information of Vallila as well as other customers. We shall not participate in activities that are aimed at or potentially lead to restriction or prevention of fair competition.

    9. Bribery

    We do not tolerate bribery in any form.