Vallila is part of Manna & Co



We offer our customers interior design and work for municipalities and public spaces, such as day cares, hotels, schools and restaurants as well as private homes. We also import many international interior design brands exclusively to Finland and represent many more in Finland. Our selection includes interior design and material solutions, as well as functional and technical solutions, such as acoustic products.

Vallila Marine

For more than 30 years, we have been a significant partner to cruise lines and shipyards. We offer turn-key interior design solutions from design to implementation. In addition, we have extensive expertise in designing business premises. We offer our customers modifiable and practical work environments. We have also developed our own work and meeting pod solution, Nuuk, designed with optimized user comfort, sound insulation and ventilation in mind.


Vallila is steered by courage, color and playing around with different styles. Vallila was already ahead of its time in the 1960s when guest designers were flown in from New York to create patterns for the brand. This tradition continues to this day in the fearless collections created by young designers. Vallila is specialized in designing patterns and manufacturing home textiles and decor.