Ships and cruise liners

Vallila decorates offshore

Versatile design know-how, creative ideas and professional implementation in interior design stretch from dry land to the sea!

Vallila has a long experience also in providing interior decoration for ships - in fact, our entire tradition of interior decoration for public premises started namely with cruise liners! Large ocean liners are manufactured in Finland, and Vallila's know-how is involved in these projects. We provide interior design and upholstery services for ships and cruise liners from Turku to the Caribbean. Vallila's interior design projects have also included many luxury cruise liners built in Finland. We have in-depth knowledge about the special requirements of ships, and the IMO requirements of rating agencies. 

In many ways, construction work on ships is different from traditional hotel and restaurant objects. The workflow of ship projects includes the design of technical solutions, where the production team's decision-making skills and strong technical know-how determine what the implementation of the entire project will be like. Our versatile expertise in interior design projects shows in our overall management, understanding special requirements, being familiar with the nature of the projects, successfully dealing with the challenges set by the premises, and competent design and partnership. In the end, knowledgeable partnerships will create an experience for the end customer, in the interior design of a luxury cruise liner, for example.

Upholstered fabrics, curtains, wallpapers, large digital prints and even abundant stage curtains can be installed at the shipyard, strictly adhering to schedules and with great precision. 

•IMO certified products 

Miku Berner