Office spaces

Spaces for effective working

Offices that enable effective working also support well being and create value for the employer.

Office spaces serve employees and employers alike. Designed correctly, they improve comfort and work efficiency, bring people together or allow to work in peace. In addition to the comfort of a company's own employees, visitors to a company are also influenced by interior design. A business visit starts and finishes at the lobby. The lobby and meeting rooms are social environments where the company's first impression is created. 

As the working life changes, offices have an increasing need for different kinds of spaces: temporary workstations, temporary and permanent group work or meeting rooms, or working areas providing peace and quiet. The acoustic characteristics of materials and furniture must be taken into special consideration, particularly as open-plan offices are becoming increasingly more common. Technical solutions must work together seamlessly with the function of the room; the technology in a meeting room must be easy to use and reliable, temporary workstations must have allocated spaces for laptops and phone chargers. 

It is also essential for working areas to be comfortable, stimulating and designed for its purpose - work efficiency, well-being and comfort. Getting results is namely based on what kind of opportunities the working area provides for working, and whether the working time can be focused on productive work instead of solving technical problems, for example. 

•Textiles, upholstery and wallpapers
•Carpets and floors
•Furniture and lighting
•Technical and functional products and materials
•Representations and import 

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