Municipal spaces

Municipal spaces

Encountering and learning spaces, hospitals and retirement homes are spaces where a human being is in the centre of everything.

Vallila has many decades of experience and know-how in the interior design of public premises, such as hospitals and schools, as well as experience in being a business partner to municipalities.

We have an extensive understanding about the interior design and the relevant special requirements of municipal estates, such as hospitals, nursing homes, care institutions, schools, and even kindergartens.

With regard to hospital interiors and textiles in particular, special consideration is given to safety, such as fire safety and antibacterial characteristics. Sometimes, there is also a need for acoustic characteristics. Hospital fabrics must be of high quality to be able to withstand use, and to remain in working order, and not to cause allergic reactions. Bioactive fabrics also use technology that destroys bacteria. As far as the colour palette is concerned, we aim to use soft and calming colours in hospitals. Blue and green have a calming effect, while yellow is cheerful. Monochrome fabrics are common, but some patterns are also used to a suitable extent. Through the brands Vallila represents, some Finnish hospitals have been furnished with fabrics from Création Baumann and Drapilux, and wallpapers and carpets from Vescom. You can also get M1 category wallpapers and carpets through us.

In turn, the interior design of nursing homes and care facilities pay attention to the easy care, fire safety, acoustics and colours of the materials. With acoustic fabrics, it is possible to adjust the echoes and sound volume of a room, and make conversations and hearing easier. Dim out curtains help to dim excessively bright light which can be annoying and cause uncertainty. Many elderly people have weak eyesight, so contrasts between the darkness and brightness of surfaces help to perceive the environment better. Colours can also influence the well-being and comfort of the elderly. Different colours are used in different rooms: blue for relaxation, or green for calming.

School décor is determined by the durability, fire safety, acoustics and price of the materials. At Vallila, we can find the best solutions for combining these aspects. Colours are also taken into consideration in the design process, as they affect people's alertness and mood, and consequently also learning. The colour choices are often intertwined with the architecture of a building, and its fixtures, for example. The materials must be fire-resistant, washable, and durable. Such materials are provided by Delius, Drapilux, Création Baumann and Vescom, for example.

The interior decoration of kindergartens is based on functionality, durability, colours, fire safety, acoustics, and the right price. Clients generally want to make the kindergarten environment cosy and stimulating. It must be functional and nice for children and employees alike. Bright, cheerful colours and patterns familiar to children are often used in kindergartens. The materials must be durable and easy to care for, but they must also feel nice. The fabrics must be fire-resistant. Furthermore, the colours and other substances used in the materials must be safe and non-toxic, because children tend to touch materials differently than adults do, sometimes even tasting them.

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