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We offer our help for interior design!

Vallila's own interior design team uses its extensive experience and professional skills to take charge of your interior design project while keeping your premises and needs in mind - whether for public or business premises, or for your own home. Different kinds of premises with their specific requirements, from hotels to offices, business premises, restaurants and ocean liners, are all familiar interior decoration and design objects for us. In our design process, we are product-oriented; our designers are well-acquainted with our product range, and we can help implement designs. This ensures that even more challenging projects can proceed quickly under the same roof, from design to implementation. 

We are familiar with various scales: for example we can design and implement your idea for a whole chain concept, or for your holiday home. As needed, we approach premises either as people's operating environment, as a concept, or as a brand (Read more about one of our references: L'Oreal hairdressing salon). We will also take into account the purpose of a room also from the perspective of lighting and technology.
Whether your project is still only an idea, already under construction, or in need of some finishing touches, our team will handle it with strong competence and creativity. You will have our interior design specialists, decades of know-how and creativity at your service. We will customize solutions to fit your needs: from designs to the finished room. 

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