Designer's toolkit

Services for designers

From Vallila's collections you can find a very wide selection of products, colors and materials to all different kinds of purposes.

For designers, we provide comprehensive expertise in all of the different aspects of an interior design project. Through us, you can manage your entire interior design project and everything you need, cost-efficiently and effortlessly from one place - whether your need to purchase furniture, materials, sewing services, or even installation. From Vallila, you can find products and materials from different brands for all premises - technical and functional products as well, such as acoustic materials or even M1 category products.  

We will help with the purchases and implementation of your project. You will be able to use our competence in products and solution design; and through us, you will find the best professionals for the different stages of your project. At Vallila, projects are completed based on the turnkey principle: all products have been installed and finished. You will also have access to services provided by our business partners, ranging from removals to AV services and financing. We are responsible for keeping the work within the agreed schedule and budget. 

•Textiles, upholstery and wallpapers
•Carpets and floors
•Furniture and lighting
•Technical and functional products

•Municipal estates
•Offices and meeting spaces
•Hotels and restaurants
•Home projects
•Ships and cruise liners
•Representations and import
•Business partners and financing

Anu Niemi