Finland 100


Vallila fulfills 12 interior design dreams with work, support and textiles.

We are looking for a variety of families and strong communities throughout Finland which we can help with work, support and textiles. We will support them with interior renovation projects related to the home, hobbies and culture. We will donate 100-year-old independent Finland our best knowhow.

Each renovation project will be documented with pictures and videos. We want to strengthen the sense of community, support the wellbeing of families and the multidimensionality of the concept of family and advance Finnish work.

The themes together and being connected are in the core of Vallila. We wish that our gift to Finland will strengthen the sense of community in various places as people do things together and through mesmerizing aesthetics. We want to bring people together and make the everyday life more beautiful.

All groups that see themselves as strong communities and who need help in the form of work, textiles and support in the areas of the home, hobbies or culture can apply.

The application period has now ended. We will publish the selected renovation projects on our webpage in February 2017.

Vallila is one of the corporate collaboration partners of the Finland 100 project of the Prime Minister's Office.